PRESS RELEASE: Customers go crazy for new plant-based snack at Trader Joe’s

 Contact:  Cherie Jackson, CEO via email at or (630) 344.3754

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Two incredi-ball new flavors of Frooze Balls have made their debut nationwide on shelves at Trader Joe's, who pride themselves on curating interesting items from all around the world.  They has been much excitement amongst Trader Joe’s afficianados on social media, describing them as “sooooo yummy” and “like a nutrient dense Ferrero Rocher.”  One person said she, “was NOT expecting the molten center and I am NOT MAD about it!”

The new varieties from New Zealand each have two yummy fillings: Peanut Butter & Jelly and Choc Hazelnut.  Even more surprising than the lovely middles and low price point (each pack is only $1.99) is that the entire ingredient list only contains fruits, nuts and seeds.  Dates, apple juice, pears, strawberries and elderberry juice contribute to the sweetness that makes people feel like they are indulging, when in fact they are simply nourishing their bodies.  

Frooze Balls are vegan, certified non-GMO, certified Kosher, and have no preservatives or artificial ingredients, delivering the ultimate checklist for health-conscious consumers.  Its ZERO JUNK with SERIOUS PLANT POWER!

Frooze Balls have been New Zealand's favorite healthy snack since 2008, where they were created by vegan celebrity chef, Jeremy Dixon, in the plant-based kitchen of his Revive Cafés.  They launched into the USA just three years ago, making their debut on amazon and in select cafes and stores nationally.  

Cherie Jackson, the USA CEO, said, "we are beyond thrilled to be launching New Zealand's favorite snack into America's favorite supermarkets! The personality and ethos of Trader Joes is in perfect alignment with our little company's values."

Five different variety packs and eight different flavors of Frooze Balls are available on amazon and in select stores nationwide in addition to these two new flavors, available exclusively at Trader Joe's.

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