New Zealand - The Land of the Long White Cloud..... and Frooze Balls! 

On the other side of the planet in the cleanest, greenest place imaginable amazing inventions are dreamed up.  Bungy jumping, the world's fastest motorbike, spring-free trampolines and electric fences were all first imagined in New Zealand (or as we like to call it... FrooZealand!

Clearly, those Kiwis are buzzing with energy and we think we know why.... they are plant-powered!  The number one healthy snack in New Zealand just so happens to be Frooze Balls. 


Cherie Jackson – Mum, Plant Lover and Chief Everything Officer

Cherie Jackson, CEO Frooze Balls

When it comes to boundless energy, Cherie knows all about it! Her three vegetarian teens and rescue pup Sonic have an over-supply of that valuable commodity.

Cherie began her career teaching vegetarian cooking after studying nutrition at Queensland’s University of Technology. It was a foregone conclusion for her and her very athletic (and handsome) husband – a life-long vegetarian – to raise their kids on plant power. Finding healthy snacks for them to enjoy is a priority.