Jeremy Dixon - Founder, Frooze Balls Inventor and Food Lover

In the bustling cafes of New Zealand's beautiful Revive Cafes Jeremy Dixon created delicious bliss balls for his guests.  Very soon, word was out about how yummy they were and his team just could not keep up with all the mixing, rolling and dipping!  Jeremy's good mate Phil - a whiz-kid engineer - put his thinking cap on and created the world's first Frooze Balls machine.  Now Jeremy could share his Frooze Balls with all of New Zealand and they rapidly became the Number 1 selling healthy snack in the 'Land of the Long White Cloud' .

Jeremy is regularly featured on TV1's popular 'Good Morning' show.  Check out one of his episodes here....


Cherie Jackson – Mum, Plant Lover and Chief Everything Officer

Cherie Jackson, CEO Frooze Balls

When it comes to boundless energy, Cherie knows all about it! Her three vegetarian teens and rescue pup Sonic have an over-supply of that valuable commodity.

Cherie began her career teaching vegetarian cooking after studying nutrition at Queensland’s University of Technology. It was a foregone conclusion for her and her very athletic (and handsome) husband – a life-long vegetarian – to raise their kids on plant power. Finding healthy snacks for them to enjoy is a priority.

Cherie reconnected with her friend and former colleague, Jeremy, after hearing about how much New Zealanders loved Frooze Balls.  Cherie is well-equipped to tap into the hearts and souls of Americans, having lived here for over 10 years. She will draw on her 20 plus years of senior marketing experience in four countries to make sure her customers needs are anticipated and served well.