The Proof is in the Pottles

Frooze Balls Pottles Variety Pack Non-Gmo Snacks

Constantly innovating in the lab, we ask ourselves daily, “What could make Frooze Balls even better?” The unintentional story of the Pottle is a result of this determination.

Late one afternoon recently, while bouncing crumpled up discarded concepts off the back of a rubbish bin, someone reiterated the obvious, “What could make Frooze Balls even better? Well, uh, more Frooze Balls.” An exhausted laugh was had, then the idea echoed around the room, slowly churning the minds of culinary magicians with health-conscious hearts, into engineers at NASA’s mission control with a logistics issue.

 ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash

The challenge was simply adding more Frooze Balls into Frooze Balls with some added benefits. The individual Frooze Balls pack proves perfect for on-the-go Frooze Balls snacking. But what about those of us, who aren’t headed out on a hike looking to keep the rucksack light? There needed to be a bigger bag, or even canister that could keep the sacred Frooze fresh for the long haul. Like what about a desk-top snack vending machine, that dispensed a yummy Frooze Ball every time the typist got hangry from too many hanging participles? The visions grew grandiose and fantastic - we don’t just reach for low-hanging fruit here at Frooze.

The answer had to be extra. It had to be resealable - in case it needed to hide in the pantry so that the urge to eat at all 16 Frooze Balls in one sitting could be resisted. (Yes really, 16 Frooze Balls fit in there with all the safety of an egg carton) The answer had to go one step beyond the disposable pack, and be a reusable, recyclable, solid material that could sustain all of life’s obstacles. A pop-top? Sure, that’d be great, too.

And then behold, the Frooze Balls Pottle had the mettle to become exactly what we needed. It is a vessel capable of carrying our beloved Frooze, in some of the most excellent flavors we offer: Mango Madness, Fudgetastic and Peanut Butter

When you love one of these flavors as much as we do, the regular size Frooze pack just doesn’t cut it some days. And really if you’re the type of person who finds ‘king size’ to be the appropriate size for your lifestyle, then Your Majesty, the Pottle is pleased to be at your service!