Seven Adora-Ball Frooze Balls Holiday Hacks

With the holiday season right around the corner, we’re all browsing the web for DIY holiday treats — sifting through seasonal Pinterest boards and blog articles for the most eye-catching party favors, edible centerpieces and goodies for the kiddos to give to their teachers and friends. If you’re searching for DIY treats, you probably love showing your crafty, playful side —and are likely looking for easy inspiration. Scroll through this list for incredi-ball, easy Frooze Ball Holiday Hacks that are sure to make your children, friends and loved ones smile and say “YUMMMM.”

Frooze Wreath Pops

Raspberry Dark Choc Frooze Balls on a charcuterie board with reindeer decor

Our plant-powered play on a traditional cake pop, these hors d'oeuvres are a great starter for your holiday spread. Grab your wreath cupcake picks, a wooden tray and a pottle of our Dark Choc Raspberry Frooze Balls to get started!



Frooze-in-a-Reindeer Jar

Frooze Balls inside a mason jar decorated as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Perfect for our craftier DIY’ers, these Frooze-in-a-Reindeer Jar make for cute, portable teacher’s appreciation gifts! Hit the nearest craft section at your local Walmart and grab your pipe cleaners, gift tags, mason jars, googley eyes, decorative tape and a few pottles of Choc Hazelnut Frooze Balls.



Festive Frooze Tree

Frooze Balls and other fruits on a charcuterie board to make the shape of a Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy Frooze Balls! Swap out the classic charcuterie board for a fun, festive Frooze board! Order our variety-pack to add unique layers to your edi-ball Christmas tree. 


Entryway Table “Frooze Sleigh Ride”

Miniature Sleigh filled with Frooze Balls 3-Ct Bags

Décor for your entryway table has never looked yummier. Grab our 3-packs of Lemon Cheesecake and PB&J and assemble them into a sleigh for easy on-the-go snacks when you’re rushing out the door! 



Festive Frooze Centerpiece

Christmas themed mason jar centerpiece with Frooze Balls poked on a stick coming out of the jar

Edible arrangements are all the rave, especially when they include an oozey double-filled Frooze Balls! Swap out the flowers or the cinnamon brooms for this jolly ‘ole centerpiece! 

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking filled with Frooze Balls 15-Ct Pottle Tubs

Elevate your stocking stuffer game with Frooze Ball Pottles, 5-packs and 3-packs! Perfect for your hiking guru friends, or for a fun, plant-powered snack for the kiddos!

Reindeer Frooze Bites

A plate of Frooze Balls dressed as Rudolph with broken pretzels, googly eyes, and red noses. The plate is covered in coconut flakes to resemble a layer of snow.

Arts and crafts meets Frooze Balls! Grab your favorite flavor of our pottles and the closest bag of pretzels to make these adora-ball reindeer quick-bites!