Office thefts on the rise with the introduction of new Frooty Frooze Balls.

Hinsdale, Illinois, January 23, 2024.


Cherie Jackson, CEO Queen Baller at Frooze Balls has reported the continual pilfering of the new “frooty” Frooze Balls from her home-based office near Chicago, Illinois.  “Every time I’m on a conference call, I go to show the person I am meeting with the new Frooze Balls flavors and when I turn around - poof! – they have almost all disappeared from my desk!”  she complained. 

Jackson describes the missing subjects as wearing bright green, orange and red packaging with their signature flavors – Strawberry, Apple and Orange - boldly displayed. “I really want people other than those sneaking them from my office to be able to try the delicious juiciness and fresh flavors of apples, oranges and strawberries.” 

Chief amongst the suspects are the Queen Baller’s college-aged children and their friends.  “I suspect its them because they seem to have more energy than usual and a springy bounce in their step. My son’s rugby team beat their opponents 57-0 last weekend.”

The simple, plant-based ingredients purportedly lead to those behaviors.  “It could also be our Social Media manager Joel,” she continues.  “He has been incredibly creative lately, and often I find him in my office, hiding something behind his back while he is chewing. If his posts keep being so clever, I am afraid we are going to sell out!”

The flavors in question contain apple puree, freeze dried fruit, sunflower seed butter and coconut with a hint of natural flavor to help differentiate them. That is all!  With no nuts in the recipe, they are an excellent addition to school lunch boxes. “I just hope there will be enough for the poor school kids to have” Jackson lamented.

For more information on these incredi-ball new Frooty Frooze Balls or to stock up before the Jackson family eat them all, click here.