New Zealand’s Non-GMO Ingredients Inspired Our Super Snacks

Born in the Revive Cafes of Auckland, Frooze Balls embodies the clean, green and pristine natural beauty of New Zealand. For many, the ‘land of the long white cloud’ is in a far-off corner of the globe, tucked conveniently in between the tropics and colder climes. Yet, for those who refine the focus of their food and are concerned with quality raw ingredients, New Zealand is the epicenter of the Non-GMO movement.

What’s so OMG about GMO’s?

"Genetic modification,” detailed by the NZ Ministry for the Environment, “means that for the first time humans can make living things to our own design, without relying on nature. The implications are vast. Although any new technology may have its risks, this one has special features. They need to be addressed with wisdom and discernment."

At Frooze Balls, we look at the natural world in pretty high regard. For instance, never once have we considered the iconic Mt Ngauruhoe, overlooking Lake Taupo, and thought to ourselves, “it might look a bit better if we just move some rocks to the South and add a bit more drama in the Northern face.” it simply is, as it should be, so let’s leave it at that.

When it comes to agriculture, we hold a similar position. Dates, mangoes, cacao, peanuts and many other fruits and vegetables, are exceptionally delicious and nutritious in their natural form. Sure, a keen green-thumbed gardener can make sure they’re raised right, but modifying the genetics just seems to miss the point of enjoying a ripe slice of mango at the foot of an impressive volcano.

So to follow in stride with our fellow countrymen and women, New Zealand “maintains one of the most comprehensive and rigorous approval regimes for genetically modified organisms in the world.

Good Food In, Good Food Out

From a culinary standpoint, using natural ingredients puts the onus back on the preparer, to utilize what’s readily available to make healthy dishes and snacks for others to enjoy. We like to think that this captures the Kiwi Spirit of ingenuity and creativity, too. (See Zorbing, for reference.) 

This can also achieve combinations of flavors, textures and nutrients that produce foods which go beyond the basic, raw, natural ingredient itself; salted almonds and banana, chocolate and peanut butter, cherry and fudge. At the core of the concept however, leading with wholesome ingredients, ensures plant-based power for clean, active living.

Natural Ingredients for Natural Settings

We’re especially blessed with stunning landscapes and marvelous microclimates across the North and South isles of Aotearoa. There’s also something special about nourishing and refueling the body in the great outdoors, with food that is endemic to the region. Chugging a soda concocted of high-fructose corn syrup and a mysterious menagerie of curious chemicals just doesn’t seem to sit as well with us on hikes through the bush as something as simple as lemon and water (which we’d humbly recommend pairing with Lemon Cheesecake or Mango Frooze Balls in case you were wondering).