Keeping Fit with Frooze Balls

Keeping Fit with Frooze Balls - Non-GMO, Organic, Natural Energy Snacks


For the Northern Hemisphere, spring is just around the corner. Don’t worry it’s not far away! (Everything is fine down in the South by the way, the summer in New Zealand has been quite nice in case you’re wondering.)

And with spring time, many of us are excited to get out and about. 

The cold winter weather can often keep even the most active of us trapped in doors, running on treadmills or riding bikes that go nowhere. At the first glance of sun parting clouds and a slight rise in the mercury however, a dash out the door beckons us beyond belief. We emerge from our hibernation, hungry to spring into summer shape, and in concert, find ourselves hungry from quick calories suddenly depleted. Fortunately, that’s where Frooze Balls remains steadfast as a go-to food, even in the fairest of weather.

Simple Foods for Super Fuel

Some people call it ‘working out’ others say ‘training.’ Either way, this time of year, even elite athletes are in the process of preparing their bodies to crunch calories with greater efficiency than they did in the more...couch-worthy months of the year. To get the engine to run smoothly, you just can't clog the works with inadequate fuel & oil.

Sure, the latest super sweet, sugar blast sports drink and fructose-laden candy bar cloaked in an ‘Energy’ wrapper will work very hard to command your attention. But if you’re at all in tune with what your own body requires while beginning continuing an active routine - there’s a good chance that you’ll crave real food made from raw ingredients that haven’t been pulverized or compromised into a shadow of their former selves. (Spoiler: our Nut Butter Frooze Balls taste like real peanut butter because, you guessed it, we use REAL peanut butter)

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Finding Time to Fit in Fitness

Finding time for fitness isn’t always easy in everyday life - that’s the reality (and conveniently, the best excuse - ...or so we’re told). With work, school, families and friends, making time raise one’s heart rate can be tricky. We’ve known people to literally run to and from work, just to squeeze a workout in. And while there’s admiration for their dedication, there is an undeniable comedy to watching someone run away from work at the end of the day. 

For those among us, who have such a strict schedule - as well as those who don’t - Frooze Balls fit a delicious, healthy snack into an active lifestyle effortlessly. The convenient snack pack provides ample opportunity to pop the tasty, Non-GMO Frooze Balls individually, instead of cramming all of them into your gullet as you rush out the door on the way to the track. Occasionally, we find ourselves having a couple before a workout, another one or two during, and then maybe a whole pack thereafter.

In the end, Frooze Balls is really just here to support your healthy, active habits as a reliable, nutritious snack. Wherever you choose to run to (and from), is up to you. Even if it is only on the treadmill. Every step counts. And so does every calorie, so we’re here to help you get one foot in front of another with a spring in each step.