What are the natural flavours?

Our natural flavors are made in NZ by a NZ flavour company.  Flavour companies never reveal their secrets, but have told us the favours contain  a blend of essences, extracts, and other components of natural food materials using safe and natural ingredients. The flavor components are obtained from real food ingredients to impart flavour.  They are guaranteed to be vegan!  And certified GMO Free and Kosher.

How long do frooze balls last?

Frooze Balls have a shelf life of 12 months!

Where do the ingredients for Frooze Balls come from?

Fruit, nuts and seeds come from all around the world - normally from a specialist country.  Here is an example of our usually source - however please note these sources sometimes change due to weather patterns and market conditions.

Apple Sweetened Cranberries - Canada

Almonds - USA & Australia

Peanuts - Argentina

Sultanas - Turkey

Cashews - Vietnam

Coconut - Thailand

Maple Syrup - Canada

Lemon - New Zealand

How do you make frooze balls?

Frooze Balls are made like we used to make them in the cafe.  

1. We measure out the ingredients into a food processor (similar to one that you would have at home - except bigger) and cut them into small manageable pieces.

2. They are then pushed through a measuring system and weighed into the exact weight (14g per ball).

3. This is then dropped into a chute that has 2 cups that press the ingredients together to form a ball.

4. The ball drops into a container full of coconut.

5. Then they are packed into little bags of 5

6. We then X-ray them to check for any foreign objects (like stones that sometimes come in natural products).  This process greatly reduces the changes of any issues but like anything is not 100% so we need to have a warning on the pack "may contain fruit pits or stones".

Where does the name "Frooze balls" come from

We combined the words "fruit" and "ooze" to make FROOZE!  When we used to make them in the cafe the balls kind of oozed together.  Sorry nothing that scientific or clever!

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