The Marvelous New Frooze Flavor: Mango Madness

Frooze Balls Mango Madness Non-GMO Plant-based energy snacks

Based and created in New Zealand, Frooze Balls has always held a natural affinity for mangoes. Across the Pacific, the delicious tropical fruit comes in many varieties - from large to small, round to oblong, Champagne to Haden - but the unifying factor of a great mango is it’s rich, sweet taste. The flavor is iconic to Pacific dishes, and we’ve been working hard to welcome it into the Frooze Balls family. Getting to the final product has been true to its name - Mango Madness - yet the process has been worth each step it, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

How We Gave in to Mango Madness 

Before we could fully indulge ourselves in the madness of mango, we knew we would have to start from a common foundation of our field-tested Frooze Balls. This involved long discussions strolling through groves of mango trees, then serious considerations of citrus while standing under the sun and next to the sea. While all of this was well and good, we knew that the mango - among all it’s peers in produce - really stood out as something exceptional.

The mango occupies a space that is a dizzying combination of sticky sweetness, low acidity, and subtle satisfaction. It is a friend of the lemon, but stands apart from the grapefruit. It rivals passion fruit and guava, but is uncompromising in it’s generous flesh. To consider the true majesty of the mango is to descend into madness itself. 

So naturally, our next step was inside our kitchen laboratory in Auckland to wildly experiment with our next culinary excursion.

A Family Vacation

The Frooze Balls family already includes important purveyors of tangy and tart energy balls to tantalize the taste buds: lemon cheesecake and cranberry. These helped lead the way as we developed a true madness for mango. We mixed batches of our unmistakable Frooze Balls base which includes gluten free, plant-based, kosher and non-GMO ingredients. Then, we added the dates, almonds, cashews and coconut that make Frooze Balls a great healthy snack for hiking, biking, camping, and more. At that point, we really gave into the madness and simply added more and more mango - 10% to be exact! - to make our healthy snacks taste even more amazing.  

“Here try this, take your tastebuds on vacation.” These words were uttered during our initial manufacture of the Mango Madness flavor, and we haven’t looked back. In fact, we nearly threw the whole crew in the caravan and headed for the coast. The flavor was that liberating. We knew mango was going to be a new mainstay. 

Living Wilder with a Little Bit of Madness

We’re pretty chuffed with the outcome of our experiment, and trust you will be too. At Frooze Balls, we aim to #LiveWilder, and believe a little healthy madness is welcome in life - we’re partial to the mango form as you might have guessed by now. So when you’re gearing up for your next adventure, and outlining plans for a little excitement, just remember to make keep the snacks exciting, too. Don’t ruin a perfectly good mountain top sunrise with a disappointing sandwich. Snack appropriately with Mango Madness.

Frooze Balls Mango Madness